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What is Fe3?

Online training designed specifically to educate and certify foodservice professionals in the
fundamentals of energy and water efficiency for commercial foodservice.

Learn from the pros

The course is designed and developed by the foodservice energy and water research professionals at fishnick to help you learn in an interactive manner.

Fits your busy schedule

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the course is always accessible. You learn when and where you want, and at your own pace.

Designed for your success

Each of the six modules presents complex ideas in a simple and straightforward manner, testing your progress along the way.

Why Fe3?

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Managing energy and water use is a good business strategy
The commercial food service industry is losing several billion dollars’ in profits a year to energy and water waste. Training foodservice professionals to treat energy and water like other commodities and giving them the skills to manage their utilities, like they manage food costs, has the potential to return those billions back to the bottom line.
Online education is an effective way to train the diverse foodservice workforce
Utilities, culinary schools, restaurants, institutions, and professional organizations all face the challenge of how to train a diverse, busy, and mobile workforce. Fe3 is the first cost-effective way to provide foodservice-specific efficiency training that reaches across the entire industry. Based on over 30 years of lab and field work, energy surveys and design consultations by the industry experts at fishnick, the Fe3 curriculum is straightforward, practical and built for results.
Recognition as a Foodservice Energy Efficiency Expert shows dedication to effective design and operations
Foodservice operators increasingly understand the bottom-line benefits of efficient design and operations and they are searching for professionals who can help them reach their goals. Fe3 certification is a way to demonstrate skills-based knowledge to clients and employers. Fe3 certified professionals can use the Fe3 designation and logo in their signature block and on marketing materials. Restaurants with Fe3 certified staff can exhibit the Fe3 logo onsite to show customers their dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency.
Earn the Fe3 Certification...
After successfully completing the Fe3 training you will understand basic energy terms and have practical skills that include: being able to choose the right lamp for lighting in a specific space; calculating the cost of water leaks; knowing how to properly maintain refrigeration; selecting energy efficient cooking appliances using online tools; and knowing how to trouble-shoot and optimize commercial kitchen ventilation systems.
Fe3 is brought to you by
The leaders in energy efficiency education for the foodservice industry

Who is Fe3 for?

Designers, Manufacturers, and Service Agents:
Gain skills that will make you more competitive and a professional designation that shows your dedication to efficient design and operations.
Add sustainability curriculum to your culinary and hospitality education programs. The Fe3 course material has been successfully taught live to university, college, community college and culinary students by fishnick instructors for over a decade. Special student pricing is available.
Foodservice Operators:
Train management and staff how to purchase efficient equipment and how to operate and maintain an efficient kitchen. Save money while being more sustainable. Use the Fe3 designation to show your customers you believe in Sustainability Beyond the Plate.
Utilities and Foodservice Suppliers:
Learn about your customers’ energy challenges so you can better serve their needs. Offer a value added service by supplying your customers with Fe3 training so they can be more profitable.
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Fe3 Innovators

An online community of Foodservice Energy Efficiency Experts
who have successfully achieved Fe3 certification.
Fe3 Charter Members – the first group of foodservice professionals to achieve Fe3 certification.
Aaron Guevara
Aaron Vo
Adam Spitz
Ajee'lon Boyd
Alfonso Arechiga Jr.
Alina Kuchik
Allison Rezendes
Alyssa Kwan
Andrew Gibson
Aniela Tolentino
Ann Lovcik
Anna Shull
Anne Taylor
Anthony Pham
Arianna Wexler
Arianna Mengel
Armando Sandoval
Arnold B Breit
Ashley Pan
Belina Shabaz
Beth Lorenzini
Betty Chrisman
Billy Woitte
Bobbi J Lujan
Brandon Rod-Wel
Brenda Lopez
Brenda Solares
Brenda Ubaldo
Bret Hartung
Brett Shultz
Brian Bond
Brian Ward
Brian Quan
Bruce Helft
Bryan C Johnson
C. Ivette Castro
Carly Burke
Carmen Oliver
Cassie Theisen
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Souhrada
Christy Ma
Clara Matsumoto
Clare Brandt
Claudia Pingatore
Coco R.
Corby Stow
Craig Smith
Daisia Newman
David Zabrowski
Delarick Williams
Deniz Hom
Devon A. Yip
Ed Wiernasz
Efrain Hernandez
Eleazar Barajas
Elizabeth Dui
Ellen Hofstede
Emily Liang
Emily Kao
Eric Schmitt
Erica Motes
Francesco Cirimele
Gary Rupp
Gene Shook
Greg Sorensen
Greg Iorio
Gurminder Gill
Gustavo Plascencia
Haley Adelman
Holly Zhu
Houston Downs
Ifunanya Onyima
Jack Cao
Jackie Lawson
Jamal Taylor
James Jylha
James Mincks
James M. Leedy
Janel Rupp
Janhavi Datar
Janice Cha
Jason Prantil
Jason Rupp
Jeff Dover
Jennel Acker
Jennfier Flores
Jennifer Nguyen
Jenny Ritchie
Jessica Manginelli
Jessica Seto
Jessica Zamora
Jessie Zi
Jey Lacey
Jialu Gress
Jieyi Chen
Joan Frank
Johanna Yao
John Petosa
Jonathan Guillen
Joye Cantrell
Julie Flores
Justin Klauder
Ka Wai Charlotte Hung
Karen Ravipaty
Kayla Yang
Keith W Short
Kevin Rigdon
Kevin Fuller
Kevin Gin
Kiana Caban
Kim Plunkett
Kim Szelog
Kimberly Kissel
Kong Peng Moua
Kristina Kim
Kristine Yada
Lauren Shaffer
Laurie Maurino, RD
Leana Abusneineh
Leslie Hoffman
Lhianna Andersen
Linh Nguyen
Lori Taylor
Lorri Davidson
Maleni Romero Figueroa
Margaret Kelly
Margit Barot
Maria G. Villa
Mark Keene, PHD
Mark Harris
Mark Duesler
Matthew Worms
Matthew Lobo
Megan Pospisil
Michael Casias
Michael Lawrence
Michael Russell
Michael Slater
Miles Joyce
Minhchau Tran
Misha Nemirovskiy
Monika Ax
Nader Hamdi
Nadine Isahac
Nga Man Chow
Nicole O'Rourke
Patrick N. Urain
Paula Donohoo
Paula Coffey
Pujata K.C
Rachael Marchand
Rachel Lou
Razan Srour
Rebecca Rodriguez
Rebecca K. Yager
Regina Reina
Richard Ju
Richard Buck
Rob Geile
Roberto Rodriguez
Russell Laub
Saela Ohara
Sam Johnson
Samantha Lubow
Sara R. Burr
Scott Wishart
Scott Lund
Scott A. Hoffland
Sean O'Callahan
Serenity Zamora
Shaun Mah
Sheri L. Tucker
Sophia Tan
Stacey Turek
Stanley Sienko
Stephaniann Paige Horn
Stephanie Gilbert
Steve Ducolon
Suzanne Painter-Supplee
Taif Albalawi
Tanja Crk
Terry Jenkinson
Tiffany Wong
Tiffany Enkhsaruul
Todd E. Mayes
Tommy Hughes
Tong Tsz Kwan
Tran Bao Quyen Nguyen
Walt Taylor
Walter Abrams
Will Morris
Yeongrae Lee
Zia Vue

What the industry is saying...

Three words to describe Fe3: clear, concise, relevant.

Erica Motes, Beverage Air, VP of Sales

What the industry is saying...

Great program! And it really does a great job of helping you
learn the material while keeping the student engaged.

Kimberly Kissel, FCSI Director of Education

What the industry is saying...

Overall, I think this training is fantastic!

Russell Laub, SDG&E Program Advisor

What the industry is saying...

Every operator and DSR should complete Fe3. I knew a lot of fundamentals, but I was shocked at how much energy could be saved. The calculators and the tools on fishnick are amazing. Totally impressed.

Erica Motes, Beverage Air, VP of Sales

What the industry is saying...

I feel Fe3 is excellent info for owners and chefs/kitchen managers

Kevin Gin, Executive Chef, Bridges Restaurant & Bar

What the industry is saying...

Overall impression: Great course!

Craig Smith, The Montague Co. Regional Manager/Corporate Executive Chef
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